Crabtree Done All Hope is Not Lost 49er Fans

Well the 49ers quest for the Lombardi in 2013-2014 took a big hit today. When it was announced that #1 Wideout Michael Crabtree has been lost for the season because of a torn Achilles. While other players like T. Suggs of the Ravens have bounced back from such an injury it is much harder for someone who has to constantly plant and cut to come back from this in the same season. Recently drafted Rookie Quinton Patton, and AJ Jenkins (last years draft) will now have to step up into at least the slot WR role if not an even bigger role. I would also expect to see the likes of Lemichael James and Kendall Hunter see more passes, and possibly even more of Kap running more Pistol with just Boldin, Davis, and another TE with 3 running backs on the field. All hope is not lost 49er fans and if Jim Harbaugh has shown us anything is he will find a way to solve this problem during the 2013 season.